Foundation Wall Waterproofing

Blindside waterproofing, open cut waterproofing and negative side waterproofing are all part of Duron’s repertoire of services. Duron has performed foundation waterproofing services in large underground parking structures both in a drained system and fully tanked capacity. We are approved installers for multiple manufacturers and are highly experienced with applying waterproofing behind pour in place and shotcrete walls.

Watertank Waterproofing

Waterproofing watertanks within high-rise buildings is extremely important in order to keep the water from infiltrating into the building from the tank. Duron is highly experienced with many products to waterproof within water storage tanks.

Hot Rubberized Ground Floor Deck Waterproofing

As expert installers, Duron offers the full range of waterproofing solutions including ground floor deck waterproofing that ties into the foundation waterproofing to provide a continuous waterproofing system.

Expansion Joints

Within large buildings multiple expansion joints are present at the foundation wall, the ground floor deck, roof and within the parking garage. Duron are expert installers of an array of expansion joints that integrates with the adjacent
waterproofing systems.

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