Structural Rehabilitation & Upgrading

Duron brings decades of technical experience to every project. With our skilled labour force we provide a diverse range of expertise.

Building Rehabilitation

Duron brings decades of technical experience to every project. With a skilled labour force, capable of tackling building wall, balconies, and parking garage projects. we provide a diverse range of expertise. In previous years, many types of structures were constructed with poor quality materials and workmanship, inadequate drainage and no protection systems. As a result structural deterioration has reached epidemic proportions, requiring extensive refurbishing or complete replacement. Mechanical and electrical systems as well as structural steel embedded in the structure are reinstated as required. New concrete materials to CSA Standards are installed and then coated with waterproofing or traffic topping materials. The landscaping is then reinstated to provide the owner with both a protected and aesthetically pleasing deck.

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are the Achilles heel of any waterproofing project; this is where leaks will happen. Duron is a licensed installer of the Wabocrete, Emseal and C/S type of preformed heavy duty gland joint systems, and as well installs all hot rubber, butyl and Mastic systems. We have installed expansion joints under tennis courts, under swimming pool decks and in many varied applications. There is no type of removal and reinstallation of overburden situation that is too difficult for our quality-conscious team to handle.

Building Envelope Work

Duron has experience with balcony, masonry, sealant replacement, and balcony railing repairs

Slab Removals

Removal and replacement of structural slabs, all associated mechanical and electrical utilities, and all overburdens. Since 1985 Duron has undertaken and successfully completed numerous straight forward and difficult concrete slabs. Job phasing and scheduling is always at the owner’s discretion. Our complete list of projects completed should be referenced.

Landscaping Removal and Replacement

Typically landscaping soft and hard surfaces are removed in order to re-waterproof and repair concrete structures below. With our skilled concrete finishes capable of installing coloured and imprinted concrete to the care that we take in the reinstallation of asphalt paving, planting beds, and decorative interlocking stone, our concern is always quality.

Floor Sealers and Coatings

Concrete floor surfaces can be enhanced and protected from dust, salt penetration and chemical attack with a variety of sealers and coatings. With decades of experience in the epoxy flooring industry we can customize a coating or flooring solution to meet your protective or resurfacing needs. Dust proofing and liquid hardening of concrete surfaces using penetrating sealers is economical and maintenance free. Chloride penetration can also be minimized in concrete surfaces through the periodic application of an economical silane sealer.


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