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Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Client: University of Toronto

Where: 55 St. George St. Toronto, ON M5S 2E5

What We Did: As part of this project, Duron Ontario Ltd.’s work included supplying and installing 10mm Epoxy Terrazzo flooring to the auditorium, arena, lobbies, lounge, corridors, washroom and clean rooms, with an anti-fracture membrane, zinc divider strips, and a custom designed terrazzo logo “SKULE” with 4 colors and brass strips for the arena floor.

Total areas: 30,000 square feet at three (3) levels.

Challenges: A great deal of effort was expended to achieve the exposed stone look of the terrazzo floor that makes it so aesthetically pleasing and notably durable. The intricacy and complexity of the bespoke logo, requiring precise curves showcases Duron’s depth of experience in executing aesthetically beautiful installations.

The Epoxy Terrazzo floors were installed over an existing concrete substrate. To achieve a perfectly level terrazzo floor, Duron’s Epoxy Team took extra care and insisted on a very high attention-to-detail to ensure an excellent finished product and perfectly smooth floors.