All Weather Pothole Repairs - for municipalities

One Visit and Done

Long lasting Winter Repairs – Potholes can be filled with our DuroMastic in -10°C with no need to return in the summer to replace with Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). By comparison, cold patch, also known as “throw and go” is a temporary fix that WILL fail, sometimes within a week. Cold patch will need to be properly replaced with HMA or mastic asphalt. That means extra costs and sending out crews, trucks and large compacting equipment a second time. Awful for the environment and unnecessarily creates extra traffic jams. Our DuroMastic is designed to outlast
surrounding pavement making DuroMasic the ideal solution for all roads.

Benefits of Duromastic

Tough : Exceptional Rutting Resistance. Good Resistance to Studded Tires

Water tight : Impervious to water and chlorides

Completely Recyclable

Minimal Traffic Interruption : No need to return and create a second traffic closure as with cold patch

Fast : Once cooled, the pavement is ready for traffic within 40 minutes

Cost Effective: Decreased Lifecycle Cost – Will last 12- 20 years



Green : Better for the Environment
No need to return a second time to replace with a second crew, compacting equipment and materials

Bond : Superior adhesion, bonds to both asphalt or concrete

Why Is It Important to Fill Potholes Quickly?

  • Safety – potholes cause sudden changes to traffic as cars hit potholes or swerve to avoid
  • Liability to municipalities –
    The City of Toronto paid out $807,000 for pothole damages to vehicles in 2018

Chicago paid $4 Million to the family of motorcyclist who died after hitting a pothole. Click here for more details

  • Inconvenience to Residents – viewed as basic maintenance Potholes create costly car repairs for drivers
  • Social Media Complaints for Councillors
  • Save Money. Extend road life. Water is the root cause of potholes. Existing potholes let more water in creating even more potholes and higher future costs.
  • The sooner we fill them, the sooner we can stop their progression and protect the underlying road base from bigger, more expensive repairs.

Full Service: Duron provides experienced pothole repair crews for your municipality.

Our proprietary Duromastic undergoes rigorous testing for rut resistance, bonding and skid resistance.