Parking Garage Waterproofing

Duron has been manufacturing and installing Mastic traffic topping systems within parking garages for over 35 years. Duromastic parking garage installations have stood the test of time, far exceeding the life expectancy of their counterpart “thin” epoxy urethane traffic systems.

The Duromastic system has been successfully installed on interior below ground as well as above ground parking garages. Parking garage traffic systems today are subjected to more extreme wear than ever before. This is due to the very high residential structures we are now building. These high structures house more vehicles than ever before. This results in many more vehicles traveling down the aisles and ramps opposite their parking stalls. Indeed, not only does this issue become an issue for traffic topping systems but we also have another issue which is the tires of today’s vehicles. Today’s tires exhibit highly improved aggressive tread patterns. Those patterns produce shear forces that are destructive to traffic topping systems.

It can be said that all technologies advance, as is the case in asphalt polymers and asphalt/mastic formulae. This can be seen in the asphalt formulae used in our highways and roads and also in the mastic asphalt industry. We at Duron take advantage of the availability of these new polymers and other select additives in our mix designs. Our asphalt engineers through testing and consultation with other experts in our industry, including, provide you with the best in mastic technology for your traffic topping systems.


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