Health & Safety

Duron Ontario Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment to its Employees and Subcontractors during all stages of a project. At Duron we believe that everyone in the workplace shares responsibility for health and safety. From Senior Management to Skilled Workers, we all have an important role to play in ensuring a safe workplace. Having a strong Internal Responsibility System (IRS) allows us to effectively anticipate, identify, assess and manage risks related to health and safety.

In compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O. 1990 (OHSA) and to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, Duron:

  • Integrated Procore – a web-based software solution used to reduce time spent creating safety reports, improve accuracy of tracking, provides real-time safety statistics, and help analyze trends in health and safety
  • Promotes health and safety awareness through continuous training and education
  • Works closely with our Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Department to identify risks and design control strategies for all projects
  • Maintains current Health & Safety related Policies, Health & Safety Manual and develops Site Specific Health & Safety Plans to ensure all jobsites remain safe
  • Monitors site conditions and worker behavior to maintain a safe work environment and implement corrective measures where required
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Duron Superintendents, Safety Officers, Foremen and Worker Health & Safety Representatives are trained in hazard recognition and awareness to ensure the safety of those on site through compliance with all applicable Legislation and Policies. To supplement, Duron has completed WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program – an audit-based system that ensures our return to work program is above industry standards. As well, Duron conducts annual audits to ensure our Health & Safety Management System (HSMS) is consistently above industry standards. As a result of our health and safety measures, Duron is COR™ and ContractorCheck certified.

Enjoy Tomorrow. Work Safely Today.